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    Cost Rates (CPFF-LOE)

    Thank you all for the responses, they've been helpful in wrapping my head around this. Looking forward to the response from Joel as that is something that is really causing me grief. Regards,
  2. Relatively new at working with Cost rates (most of my contracts were T&M/FFP-LOE before) and looking to see how people administer the bid vs execution rates their subcontractors utilize. The Prime contract is a large IDIQ with no ceiling rates on CPFF type rates. Sub bids CPFF-LOE rates Award Task Orders start flowing Multiple TOs go to a single sub Spend Plans come for each individual Task Order with changing rates The real question is how do you work with the sub's rates that are not close to what their CPFF bid rates were? Is one able to hold a sub to those rates until the next contract year escalation or is it truly and purely up to a sub to execute as they see fit/as needed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!