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  1. Thanks very much for the quick response and advice. I appreciate you all taking the time to assist me. Dave W
  2. Hello, new to the group and have a question (s) regarding the relationship between transportation tenders and how it links in (or if it does) to a govt contract. I work for a trnasportion logistics company that performs a great deal of our freight movements by "tenders". I have been asking what contract the tenders are related to and what are the contract requirements and who is the contract administration authority. I have been told by several acct managers the tenders are quotes that are accepted / approved by the govt and there is no connection to a master service agreement or contract. I find this difficult to accept as my experience is that there is always some sort of contract agreement between the govt contracting authority and the service provider and the answer I'm getting does not seem correct. Granted my experience has not been in the transportation sector but logically this "no linkage" to a define agreement does not seem plausible to me. I can not find anything in the FARS and google has not been very helpful either. Anyone here have experience in this area that can advise me or refer me to some reference? Thanks, Dave W