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  1. I am looking to see if anyone is willing or able to share a Construction Subcontract template. I am a prime contractor doing both CONUS and OCONUS construction contracts. I need to get a template for a CONUS project as we have subcontractors to perform under our prime
  2. In developing compliant procurement files with regards to CPSR, what forms and documentation is required for an incremental funding modification?
  3. I work for a company who has several large divisions and one of them procures supplies for our overall Company. If we decided to do an Interdivisional transfer, what FAR and prime contract flwo downs need to be incorporated into the Inter Company Work Order?
  4. I am negotiating a subcontract and a subcontractor has come back and stated that FAR 52.222.21, 26, 35, 36, and 37 are only applicable to orders performed in the US, is this in fact correct?
  5. My company is performing quite a bit of work under quite a few federal grants (i.e., DOE). I am trying to locate a source that can assist me with developing grant Policies & Procedures for my company, any assistance will be greatly appreciated
  6. PMH: Thank you for your reply, however when I click on th elink above I do not see a documents section, HELP!!!!!!!!!
  7. I am looking to see if anyone has a current up to date subreceipent template they would be willing to share. I am not highly experienced in grants and my company does a number of them with DOE. A draft agreement was put into place a few years ago and it looks to be some template pulled down from the internet. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
  8. I sent out to a reseller my companies Commercial Reps & Certs which include: "Buy American Act Certificate", "Buy American Act - Free Trade Agreements - Israeli Trade Act Cert", "Cert Regarding Knowledge of Child Labor for Listed End Products", "Place of Manufacture"; and "Certs regarding exemptions from the application of the SAC". My reseller has come back and informed me that: "As a provider of HP products, the above provisions do not apply tothem. I beg to differ. My reseller told me to pull down the manufacturers Reps & certs. Is my reseller correct?
  9. Thank you both so very much. I did do a search on google, however did not try linked in will do that today
  10. we are private industry, I can't believe E&Y is the only company to perform internal audits
  11. I am looking for anyone that can provide me with a few 3rd party companies who perform contract/grant audits. I know of E&Y, however I need to send out an RFP for a new audit firm and would love to be able to send to 3 and not to E&Y.
  12. I am working on a rate comparison and I need to do a true commercial labor rate analysis, not one utilizing GSA Schedules. Can anyone point me in the direction of best place to find commercial labor rate price lists or somewhere I can pull true commercial labor rates for an Architect I-IV, HW Engineer I-IV, Principal Eng, PM, etc. Any assistance will be truly appreciated
  13. I have been tasked with developing a Procurement Play Book. This is something new to me that I am unfamiliar with. Is there anyone out there who has developed a PlayBook or knows of any sites I can go to to review drafts/templates etc. of a Procurement Play Book. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  14. I am new to the commodity side of ITAR. Let's say I order HP equipment form a Reseller, other than the ITAR flowdowns what do I need to ensure I cover with my supplier before placing an order?
  15. I am looking for the updated DCMA CPSR checklist, can anyone tell me where to locate it?
  16. Has anyone heard or seen anything on FAR 13.5? It has expired so not sure how to address it with regards to my policies and procedures
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