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  1. When developing a SB Plan for a GSA Schedule is a Commercial Plan more acceptable than the Individual Plan? We provide Security/Guard Services which are commercial in nature so I am leanign towards a Commercial Plan. Could use guidance and input from a few experts please
  2. Can someone please point me to where I can locate a good Commercial Template please. My office is Dubai is strictly commercial and we need to get a good commercial template in place
  3. Suspension of Work

    My CO provided me with a formal suspension of work notification (In accordance with FAR 52.242-14). My CO is requesting a demobilization/suspension Plan as well as a suspension proposal. As this is not a TforC I am not quite sure what he is requesting and I am unable to find anything on how to submit a suspension proposal. Any thoughts/ideas/etc. will be greatly welcome
  4. Suspension of Work

    thank you
  5. When developing a mentor protege arrangement how much percentage of work can the mentor perform (60%/80%)
  6. Mentor Protege

    Sorry. Looking at specifically DHS and SBA Mentor Protege programs.
  7. I am taking a course and need some assistance. I need to provide a few discussion points for the following and am hoping someone can assist. Why does a 5% reduction in purchase acquisition cost have a greater affect than a 5% increase in sales?
  8. Procurement Assistance

    thank you so very much
  9. Procurement Assistance

    thank you so very much
  10. Procurement Assistance

    I am not sure I quite understand the question so my initial answer would be: The cost of acquisition is one of a companies largest expenses which directly affects profitability
  11. We are currently working a few REAs with the Department of State, is there a time limit from when you submit your original request to when the CO must make a determination? For example we submitted a REA in 2014 and have been working with the CO on questions and requests for additional information. Do I need to keep track of when the original was submitted against a set period of time tis could expire?
  12. I m working a Request for Equitable Adjustment with the . . . and we have included the costs for a consultant who supported us with this and his associated costs. The government has now come back and asked for copies of our request for approval and the subsequent COs actual approval. I have done some research and see where consultant costs are allowable under a termination settlement proposal but not a REA. Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated. I need to be able to cite a reference or FAR provisions which shows that a consultant's costs for a REA are allowable
  13. I am working with the government to finalize our termination for convenience settlement proposal. We hired a consultant to assist us with the preparation of our settlement proposal. The government has now come back and asked me to provide the actual CO approval to utilize this consultant is. Are we required to seek CO approval to utilize a consultant with our termination settlement proposal? FAR 52.244-2 is included in our base contract. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
  14. Does anyone have specific Reps& Certs for International Suppliers or do you utilize your in-house standard reps & certs?
  15. I am working to identify foreign suppliers/vendors and/or American firms which can assist me wit procurement form overseas vendors, does anyone on this forum know of any that I can reach out to. We are a security firm providing vehicles, armor, boots, etc.
  16. As I am new to the construction world of contracts I am looking for a cost template I can send out to my subcontractors as an attachment to a formal RFP. Does anyone have thoughts on where I can locate a cost template for construction subcontractors?
  17. I am looking to see if anyone is willing or able to share a Construction Subcontract template. I am a prime contractor doing both CONUS and OCONUS construction contracts. I need to get a template for a CONUS project as we have subcontractors to perform under our prime
  18. Construction Subcontract

    Vern What about the AIA, is that also a good place to pull from?
  19. Construction Subcontract

    Thanks Vern, will take a look at them now
  20. In developing compliant procurement files with regards to CPSR, what forms and documentation is required for an incremental funding modification?
  21. I work for a company who has several large divisions and one of them procures supplies for our overall Company. If we decided to do an Interdivisional transfer, what FAR and prime contract flwo downs need to be incorporated into the Inter Company Work Order?
  22. Thanks Vern, the above is my findings as well.
  23. I am negotiating a subcontract and a subcontractor has come back and stated that FAR 52.222.21, 26, 35, 36, and 37 are only applicable to orders performed in the US, is this in fact correct?
  24. Has anyone heard or seen anything on FAR 13.5? It has expired so not sure how to address it with regards to my policies and procedures
  25. My company is performing quite a bit of work under quite a few federal grants (i.e., DOE). I am trying to locate a source that can assist me with developing grant Policies & Procedures for my company, any assistance will be greatly appreciated