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  1. Plan of Action for SB Goals

    thanks it is greatly appreciated
  2. Plan of Action for SB Goals

    there were mitigating factors such as CBAs, insurance requirements, the union expressed reservations about workforce etc. Again I am just having a hard time getting the response started
  3. Plan of Action for SB Goals

    sorry this is for our company, basically we submitted a SB Plan for the entire contract period and we did not meet all goals for 2017 and my CO is requesting a Plan of Action from my company, I am working with my PMO on this but having a hard time getting the letter started
  4. I received a request from my CO for a Plan of action moving forward to meet my SB Goals. We exceeded our SB goals for 2017, however we need not meet our SDB, WOSB, and HUBZone. My CO is requesting rationale on why the goals were not achieved. Has anyone had to address this and if so can you provide some examples
  5. When developing a SB Plan for a GSA Schedule is a Commercial Plan more acceptable than the Individual Plan? We provide Security/Guard Services which are commercial in nature so I am leanign towards a Commercial Plan. Could use guidance and input from a few experts please
  6. Can someone please point me to where I can locate a good Commercial Template please. My office is Dubai is strictly commercial and we need to get a good commercial template in place
  7. Suspension of Work

    thank you
  8. Suspension of Work

    My CO provided me with a formal suspension of work notification (In accordance with FAR 52.242-14). My CO is requesting a demobilization/suspension Plan as well as a suspension proposal. As this is not a TforC I am not quite sure what he is requesting and I am unable to find anything on how to submit a suspension proposal. Any thoughts/ideas/etc. will be greatly welcome
  9. Mentor Protege

    Sorry. Looking at specifically DHS and SBA Mentor Protege programs.
  10. When developing a mentor protege arrangement how much percentage of work can the mentor perform (60%/80%)
  11. Procurement Assistance

    thank you so very much
  12. Procurement Assistance

    thank you so very much
  13. Procurement Assistance

    I am not sure I quite understand the question so my initial answer would be: The cost of acquisition is one of a companies largest expenses which directly affects profitability
  14. I am taking a course and need some assistance. I need to provide a few discussion points for the following and am hoping someone can assist. Why does a 5% reduction in purchase acquisition cost have a greater affect than a 5% increase in sales?
  15. We are currently working a few REAs with the Department of State, is there a time limit from when you submit your original request to when the CO must make a determination? For example we submitted a REA in 2014 and have been working with the CO on questions and requests for additional information. Do I need to keep track of when the original was submitted against a set period of time tis could expire?