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  1. Thanks everyone. No, the attorney did not provide rationale. Everything I'm getting refers to 16.505 (B ), etc (which states SHOULD not SHALL) and "best practices". We intend to award the majority of our task orders immediately after the IDIQs are awarded (hence my question on the difference between the task order PP and the IDIQ PP). I agree that if we award some down the road (after we have performance data on the initial orders), then it might make sense. Just as an FYI - we are doing a very intensive PP eval at the IDIQ level (questionaries' sent in by the offerors, Gov't pulling PPIRS, and rating based on relevancy and recency). We'll see how it goes pushing back on the attorney!
  2. Our agency is getting ready to issue a solicitation for a multiple award IDIQ for services. The evaluation factors for the IDIQ are technical, past performance, and cost. We are having a debate with our attorney on the evaluation factors for the task orders themselves. Our customer wants technical, personnel qualifications and cost while our attorney insists that past performance MUST be an evaluation factor for the task orders. The task orders will be mainly cost reimbursement (although we have the option for T&M and FP), and will be on a best value/trade off process. I have two questions: 1) do we have to include PP as an evaluation factor for the task orders and 2) if we do - how is it any different than the PP we do at the IDIQ level? Thanks!
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