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  1. I again apologize for not providing enough information up front; and, yes, they would have been much further along w/design and construction had it not been for our delays and the storm.
  2. You are correct. I did leave out some important information. So sorry, and I still appreciate everyone's input.
  3. This is a task order against an 8(a) sole source contract. There are multiple, similar-in-scope projects on separate CLINs. The contractor has not threatened to stop work. When you kindly edited my text, you crossed out "hurricane" but left in the base closure language. The closure was a direct result of the hurricane, obviously--we had no power or water for weeks. I lean towards telling the whole truth. Since we were still in the design phase prior to the storm, the contractor had not yet purchased materials. The storm damage resulted in a need for more materials for a couple of the line items. Prices on everything, especially construction materials are very high. Competition is fierce outside of the fence. The prime had to solicit new quotes from subs, since many of them are no longer available. BR doesn't cover this scenario from what I know. Those are the facts. Again, I do appreciate everyone's thoughts and opinions and suggestions.
  4. Thanks for your edit and comments. The contractor was timely with requests.
  5. Thank you! That's why I sent the decision up the chain. It's up to them.
  6. These are working capital funds. The contractor has not refused to continue; we are still in the design stage, and construction has not yet begun. No, the government is not Santa Claus, but we shouldn't be the devil either. I appreciate everyone's input and opinions. I am well versed in alternate disaster relief programs, as I came from FEMA. We had a different contractor try to recover sixty days of per diem and lodging because they "had to keep paying rent or else they would have lost the housing due to the shortage after the storm." I want him to tell me which lottery numbers are going to hit next.
  7. October 10 to be exact. I realize that to some, ten months seems like a long time. Not that some on this feed actually care, but recovery from the storm damage will take years, possibly decades. There are people whose homes are completely destroyed or uninhabitable (hundreds if not thousands). Businesses closed. Many moved away to find work. Insurance payments are a nightmare, just as they were with Hurricane Katrina. Reliable, ethical, honest, and reasonable contractors are hard to come by. Affordable housing is impossible to find for those who chose to remain. I used to live in the Northeast and never knew what the aftermath of a major hurricane was like until Katrina. Now that I've experienced both hurricanes, I can tell you, this one was horrific. Yes, the death toll was low--but that doesn't mean the damage wasn't as, or even more, extensive. Now, to answer your question, the design-build task order was issued in June 2018. The contractor has been delayed on a number of occasions due to untimely responses to RFIs and design review, the hurricane and closure of the base, remobilization, an environmental design change that ended up not actually being needed, but held up the design process again until that was remedied, etc. The additional work is to work not yet completed, and the cost of the materials and labor has risen considerably. The prime is asking no additional markup.
  8. Thanks again, Joel. I'll head there now for more research. It just seems wrong to not allow for a slight increase due to unanticipated escalation from a catastrophic event. Most of the amount I mentioned in my reply to ji is for the additional concrete work, which is a change order.
  9. Thank you, again--especially for actually reading the original question. Now, this almost circles back to the question I asked yesterday about the Hurricane Michael effect on labor and material prices.
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