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  1. Oh dear, as soon as I read the words "cut and paste" my eyes crossed and I felt my blood start to boil. There's just way too much of that going on today and like the Energizer Rabbit...it keeps going and going. Cut and Paste, templates, etc....grrrr.
  2. DeniseCGCS

    FAR 52.212-1 Tailored for SAP

    And yet FAR 13 allows for "offers". FAR 13-106-1(a) says Contracting Officer's shall consider the guidance in 13.104 and the following before requesting quotations or offers and FAR 13.106-2 is titled "Evaluation of quotations or offers". To add to it, FAR 12 is used in conjuction with either FAR Par 13, 14 and 15. It makes it difficult to mentor the junior personnel, especially when using FAR Subpart 13.5 Test Program for Certain Commercial Items. Those waters can get real muddy. Now if there was an Alternate 1 to the provision for use with FAR 13 SAP and the words "Quote or Quotations" were used instead of "Offer"..., now that might be something. But that's crazy talk, right?
  3. John Doe - I have to ask..do you KNOW for sure what type of contract it is that you have? Did someone "tell" you it's an IDIQ contract or did you read it in the contract language somewhere? It's sounding like you might have a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) and not an IDIQ. Does your contract have a "guaranteed minimum order" stated anywhere? As much as I hate to say this, and it's not meant to be offensive, but far too often contractors really have no idea what type of contract they have (or don't have). See if maybe you have a BPA versus an IDIQ.
  4. DeniseCGCS

    Cite the Clause or Cite the Authority

    Block 13( on the SF30 form is at fault. For an administrative modification the SF30 says "The above number contract/order is modified to reflect..blah blah...""Pursuant to the Authority of FAR 43.103(". Well...the SF30 does have the word "Authority" in front of FAR 43.103(. Just sayin. Then of course you go to FAR 43.103( and it says that a unilateral modifications are used, for example, to - Make administrative changes. FAR 43.103 is now seen by many as The Authority for the types of contract modifications listed. Time to modify the SF30?
  5. DeniseCGCS

    Contract Modifications Box 13

    Block 13 on the SF30 has Blocks 13A through 13E. There are actually 2 boxes that are checked. Blocks 13A through 13D - check the one appropriate for the contract action (just check off one (1) box). Then go to block 13E where it says IMPORTANT: Contractor [ ] is not, [ ] is required to sign this document and return _____ copies to the issuing office. Check the appropriate box. Yes, Block 13 on the SF30 requires 2 blocks to be checked.
  6. DeniseCGCS

    An agenda for the new OFPP Administrator

    I'm a fan of #2. There are far too many incompetent CO's. I think the root cause of the incompetency though is that too many folks without procurement experience are brought in at too high of a level, promoted automatically if they're in a ladder position, and eventually become CO's without having any progressively complex procurement experience or varied procurement experience. At one time 1102's came in at the GS-05 level and worked their way up the promotion ladder. Now-a-days they come in off the street as GS-09s (I've seen some GS-11's too) in positions that go to a GS-12. They get promoted each year so within 3 years you have GS-12 Contract Specialists and who quickly become CO's. Unfortunately too many do not have a true respect and/or understanding of the responsibilities that come with the Warrant. I'm on board with #6 also. There is nothing simplified about Simplified Acquisition Procedures anymore though. I think Part 13 should be re-titled. Not on your list Vern but I have a Wish I'd like to add as #9. Require all CS's and CO's to have writing skills. There are requirements for 1102's to have at least 24 credits in Business but no affirmative requirement for any type of Writing course(s). Too many CS's and CO's simply cannot write. I'm disagreeing with the Test Program becoming permanent, for now. I think it should be revamped with clearer procedures first. A lot of CS and CO's cannot explain when use of Test Program procedures is appropriate (or not). All they know is "commercial = test program = combined synopsis/solicitation Request for Quote (RFQ) because it's FAR 13, and then proceed to conduct the rest of the acquistion using the FAR 15 model. Always enjoy reading what you have to say Vern. I'm with you on a competent acquisition workforce. Competent CO's will not need to carry a lawyer around in their back pocket. Sincerely Denise