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  1. I would really like to get an answer from someone that has used this in practice. Basically I am looking at how to verify the proposed workers comp rate from a company asking for a FLSA wage increase that they are due. WA state (and a few others) are very different as they determine Workers Comp as a per hour percentage rate so there should be no adjustment when this is used. AK, OR, ID (and many others I'm sure) use a percentage of wages so the workers comp is affected when you are making a FLSA/SCA wage adjustment. I have been told to ask for a workers comp certificate issued by the state for their rate based on all factors, but I have been unable to obtain a certificate. What I have received is the insurance schedule from the company's insurance company showing the base rate for the labor category along with all the other labor categories they have as a company which then takes all the rates and uses the experience modifier, premium discount and terrorism factors to come up with the insurance premium for the company as a whole. I just need to verify the workers comp rate they are proposing since it is different from the base rate on the schedule due to the experience modifier, premium discount and terrorism factors. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. The scenario is this: : I've been given direction to create a BPA, against a National BPA. It's for training purposes- supposedly National Office has created a BPA with one company, and because we want our training to be succinct with National Office, my CO wants me to create a Sole Source BPA for us. The questions are: 1) Is this possible to create a BPA off of a BPA? 2) Can we create a Sole Source for that one company? I realize these must be pretty juvenile questions- but my reputation is riding on my reply- and I don't want to give the wrong answer. It seems to me- that we can't do a BPA against a BPA- (Since one has already been created, why don't we just use that one?) In addition- we shouldn't do a sole source- especially since [iN THE AGREEMENT] we are requesting that they create a few more classes. (I believe it would be better if more companies were involved in the solicitation, and the classes we're requesting they "create" would be better off given to a company that has credable experience teaching the class. Why don't we award to a few companies?
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