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  1. Does anyone have real life "scenarios" re commercial items that could be used for a training exercise? Perhaps from a DAU class.
  2. Can someone tell me how is it that there are purchase cardholders with transaction limits of $3,000 or more that do not hold contracting warrants?
  3. Can anyone recommend a public speaking class? I will probably join toastmasters but don't have the time right now. Would like to prepare to provide presentations to large groups and to brief executives. Thanks.
  4. It seems like common sense to not use Purchase Cards as Fleet Cards but does it state anywhere that one cannot use a Purcahse Card as a Fleet Card? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Great information Vern! Thanks to everyone who responded to the post!
  6. A friend of mine recently went on an interview and was asked what his favorite FAR part is. I thought this would be an interesting topic of discussion. What is your favorite FAR part, and why?
  7. I am trying to find out where in the FAR it says that I can make a direct award to an 8(a) firm if the value is below $3.5M. Also, does this take precedence over the required sources of supply in FAR part 8? Thanks.
  8. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I liked what jewettr said. I do enjoy having my warrant and will "suck it up" knowing that in the future it will help me land that higher grade. Thanks again!
  9. I recently received my warrant making me the sole warranted 1102 in the office, aside from my supervisor. I was thrilled to be able to start signing off on my own work. However, now more work is being dumped on me since I have a warrant. For example, now when my supervisor is out of the office she wants me to review/sign documents for other team members. I am the same grade as all the other 1102?s in my office so I feel like I should be offered a higher grade and/or a team leader title if management wants me to review and sign off on the rest of the team?s work. What is your opinion on this? Should I approach my supervisor about a higher grade/title or does this just come with being a warranted 1102?
  10. I'm looking for a good training class on Task Order contracts. Specifically, FAR part 8, GSA buys. Any recommendations? I've completed all training for FAC-C III.
  11. This is a services contract where the contractor invoices a firm fixed price per task. There is not a limitation of funds clause in the contract.
  12. I have a contract with 43% of funding obligated. This was for the CR through March 6. Now that we have a budget I?ve requested that the COR provide the remaining 57%. The COR is getting push back from his higher ups who do not want to release funding until their political appointees are in place. I notified the CO but he doesn?t seem to want to do anything about it. Aren?t we in violation of the anti deficiency act?
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