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  1. Dark Horse

    Only SB remaining on a MA IDIQ Contract

    None are being set aside for small businesses. If they have a small business requirement that would have been for this procurement, it is moved to another contract vehicle.
  2. We compete and won a place on a MA IDIQ. Awards were made to both large and small businesses using the same evaluation criteria. We received a small business award along with several other small businesses. Over the course of time on this effort all of the small businesses were purchased, except for us, and were no longer eligible to compete because they were no longer small businesses. Since this has happened, the Government no longer offers any small business set asides on this contracting vehicle. Instead they have chosen to go to another vehicle to compete small business procurements. We, unfortunately, do not have some of these chosen vehicles so we cannot compete for efforts. We have invested time and energy to win a position on this contract and feel that we are not being offered a fair opportunity to compete for efforts that should have been sent through this vehicle and are not because we are the only small business left. We have discussed this with the Government Customer and they appear to be ambivalent about the problem. Are there any remedies we can pursue or is this just a case of "tough luck"? "The only horse left in a multiple award race"