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  1. Great looking stuff Vern I'll read up on the information you provided. Thanks for taking the time to dig that up!
  2. Update I've talked them into performing a RFI with a sight visit and buffing up their specifications. Thank you for the input fellas, very good points
  3. Yep Vern that's the rub We have no bedrock. No Base - They don't know what they want and so they want to be told what they want. I did some Market Research and I did find examples of what "I" found they could procure which was spelled out in other FS awards I found within IAS and FBO but not having any knowledge of Solar Panels or the systems then I'm not going to be the one who evaluates the bids. They are talking "Price" being the only evaluation credential. However, I know no other value to assign and I'm afraid that if we go with Solar Panel "C" from xyz Inc, cause we can afford better
  4. I've checked FBO but only found agencies where they identified the Solar Panels and Batteries What I'm running into is they want to be told what Panels and Batteries would work best and I'm not sure how to evaluate different models and manufactures...
  5. Looks like some good information ji20874 Thanks I read over the references and see what I have. I believe we have some good Engineers who can make that determination, and I'll look over the SOW to see what they have broke down, I think they need more specs for minimum standards? Thanks again
  6. Hello My agency is putting together a SOW for commercial items consisting of Solar Panels and Batteries along with installation for two remote National Parks, however they do not know what will best work best for the two visitor centers so they are leaving the Mfg, Make, and Model specifications for everything up to the contractors to recommend what will work best? Frankly I have no idea how to evaluate this if under price and if several different makes and models of solar panels and batteries are suggested by the vendors. Under FAR 52.212-2 Evaluation of Commercial Items how would I list the
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