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  1. Thank you Sir. Your answers have been insightful and helpful. We have, subsequent to our recent exchange, contacted DCAA to see where they stand in this and have to await their answers. Therefore, your question as to what the auditors have thought was very helpful. Your analysis in regard to the insignificant amounts was also enlightening. We will await now what the auditors come back with.
  2. Appreciate insight, most definitely. Here for example, the home office has 10 contracts, 9 are typical cost reimbursement contracts supporting DoD and the other one is a non-DoD cost contract and it was set up for a single purpose where all costs are direct. Bonuses are paid in accordance with the home office written policy. This results in approximately 93% of the bonus under the non-DoD contract being funded by DoD funds. The rest by my activity. Does that sound right when DoD is bearing the brunt of the bonus when they see no benefit from the non-DoD contract?
  3. FAR 31.205-6(f) Bonus and incentive compensation makes bonuses allowable under certain condition. The issue is that a manager is assigned 100% of his time under a single contract with his salary completely charged as a direct cost to the contract, and in accordance with the contractor's written policies can only earn a bonus for work performed under that contract, Has anyone run into the situation where such a bonus is funded from an indirect pool from the contractors home office? Furthermore, that indirect pool is funded from funds from multiple agencies other than the agency who awarded the contract in question. The agency that awarded the contract is the only funding source for that contract.