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  1. If the contracts say the subcontracting plan must be furnished at the request of the CO, and the CO has never requested those plans, what is the issue?
  2. Do you mean a facility security clearance? if so, start here: http://www.dss.mil/isp/fac_clear/fac_clear_check.html
  3. Cajuncharlie, You can always download the FAR as a pdf and annotate the pages with notes to yourself.
  4. It's a federal act passed in 1878: http://www.dojgov.net/posse_comitatus_act.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act
  5. Why did the Branch Manager cite just one of several possible justifications from the regulation? If the traveler had a medical or physical reason to require the additional room of Business Class -- size of the individual, for example -- that would seem to meet the justification. The Branch Manager's reading of the regulation seems very narrow to me.
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