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  1. It appears that the threshold for reporting might have changed with the migration. I used to have to report on all DOD contracts. Maybe this is why they are not showing up? Does anyone know if we are obligated to follow up with the CO to get these into FPDS to show up if they meet the threshold? That would be quite an undertaking.

  2. Thanks, The real problem as a contractor is working through the UIC codes. They are not often the same in the application as in the contract and getting someone on the Government side to get the correct UIC code into the application has been a challenge to say the least. The amount of time spent on this process seems to be growing each year. I wonder if anyone else in industry has some insights as to how to streamline the process.

  3. Is anyone else a little frustrated with the process? I am looking for someone with deep knowledge of the process and if you have had any luck with an enterprise login and password or is it just individualized? Has anyone had problems with many times not having the proper administering components, contracting organization and commands in the available data or none of it matches the contract? When I have sent questionnaires' to COs to get missing data I often either get no response, no understanding of the requirement or incorrect information. Is there any formal training for this requirement for industry?


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