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  1. Thank you H2H! Your interpretation of my question was spot on and the answer provided was very helpful!
  2. Hello All, I was just wondering if it is going too far when the KO requests a copy of the DCAA audit report with proposal submission on a cost type contract. Shouldn't the letter from DCAA/DCMA stating that the cost accounting system/purchasing system is acceptable enough? What happens if the vendor has the DCAA/DCMA letter, but does not have the audit report itself?
  3. To add to this - The estimate is in fact a range that of course is less than the budget by a percentage. A lot of IGCEs are based on historical information and current labor rates with a percentage for inflation..... In saying that, If I post a range of $10 - $20mil and lets say the award is $12 mil. My thought this could eventually mess up the IGCE and go against posting the range because that award price goes into the "historical information" for formulating the IGCE for the next award 3 - 5 years down the road.
  4. Thanks for the responses all! There are some definitely good points here, my thoughts is that it could tie your hands when negotiating. I look at it in the terms of buying a car or a house, usually the first question asked by the salesman/Realtor is what's your budget...... If you say $30k for the car, they show you all the cars as close to the $30k range, no? what's the likely hood your going to be able to negotiate when you just told the sales man your budget is $30k. He's goal is to leave as little money on the table for his commission! So, if you post a range for a requirement, say it's 10
  5. Hello, I wanted to see what others thought about posting the total estimated value, in the form of a range, for a requirement. Without giving away too much information, it's a common practice at my employer to give the total estimated value, in the form of a range, for only the T&M, labor hour, and cost type CLINS at time of the solicitation. The value does not include any material, Firm Fixed Price, ODCs, or travel CLINS. I am having a hard time being comfortable with showing a portion of my cards to potential offerors as 1) I fear it could potentially limit the government in receivin
  6. I agree with a lot of things said in the past two pages, however, I think better training might be more effective than more people. You can throw as many people and great training into the workforce, but if you can't eliminated the dead weight at the top of the flagpole, then what is the point? I came into the 1102 world via an intern program- rotated throughout DoD and Civilian agencies. I took tons of training and even took Vern's FAR boot camp. The problem that I faced was the resistance/lack of training from the dead weight at the top of the flag pole when I tried to bring my training back
  7. Dakrtgrl, I agree with a lot of the information above. The only thing I would add is that you might want to consider trying to obtain some kind of warrant and spending a few (5 years +) utilizing the warrant. I cannot tell you how many doors were open when I was able to put "warranted contracting officer" on my resume. I will also go on further to say that you would be more marketable if you can walk the walk and talk the talk. I have met many 1102s that talk a lot, but when it comes to doing the deal, they are no where to be found. I will admit that I have seen offers between the $150k - $17
  8. ^Thanks Vern.... Sounds like another potential blog topic? or is this not exciting enough?!? Fortunately, I passed this action back to the contracting officer that awarded the sole source contract. So essentially I washed my hands of this matter, but have provided my opinion and it appears that he has provided compelling argument to OGC to afford us the ability to do another J&A for the 6 month -8 extension. Coming from DoD, we evaluated -8 along with the option years covered in -9 up front so I never had the issues I was facing with this sole source contract. This is something I plan t
  9. Sorry for not clarifying in enough detail, but Culham you're assumption is correct. The 6 month base period and two 3 month options have all been exercised. I shouldn't have cut corners by saying 1 yr PoP. Sorry about that, but you guys do realize that it's hard to go into a lot of detail on this forum without spilling the full can of beans on an active issue/procurement, right? At my previous agency that I worked for, if -8 wasn't evaluated at time of award and it was needed due to specific reasons, we did the J&A and handled it as a supplemental agreement. That's what I would like to d
  10. That's the problem, they said "no", but didn't suggest anything to avoid a lapse. They provided no rationale or any agency policy to support their opinion. I am used to an opinion from GC to include some kind of reference to GAO cases/agency policies etc. so that I can see/learn where/how they formed their opinion. I'm waiting their response to their rationale..... We'll see what they have to say.
  11. The contract was never extended. we've used up the 1 yr PoP and only have the -8 to potentially extend. So it sounds like I am reading the GAO case incorrectly then. Because we didn't evaluate -8, we can't use it even though it was included in the RFQ and on the contract?
  12. I'm trying not to copy and paste their entire response, but no, Legal is stating that since the -8 clause wasn't mentioned in the originating J&A for the sole source contract, that we can't use the clause even though the contract has both -8 and -9 clauses included and they are appropriate as there are options on the contract. No "ifs, ands, or buts." It's almost as if they are saying, "because you didn't have the changes clause specifically addressed in the originating J&A" , you cannot make any changes to the sole source contract regardless of what they are. That was my interpretati
  13. I agree with Vern's Post #17. I have sat in many of these meetings that are suppose to be "how do I do business with the government" and turn into " what information can you give me to get your business." My response has always been- To do business with the government, look for an RFQ/RFP etc etc on GPEs and respond to them the best you can...
  14. Thanks for the responses! I am 100% on board that another J&A would need to be written to exercise the -8 clause since it wasn't evaluated at time of award (based on GAO)..... Roger that! Legal is saying that there is nothing to prohibit the use of the -8 clause so long 1) it was considered at time of award, and 2) was included in the originating Sole Source Contract J&A, prior to award of that contract. Further states that the J&A for a sole source award are typically based on the sole source award lasting for limited period of time and the 6 months allowed under the -8 clause is
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