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  1. Thank you. I have enjoyed this discussion group for years a valuable resource to exchange ideas
  2. C & Joel --- Thanks for the replies. Yes, FAR 52.219-14 is still under revision but in final stages. I have read the Federal Register comments (7-25-16) implementing the 13 CFR 121-127 rule changes. Very interesting, but does not provide clarity on how to how to calculate the 40% protege requirement. Major equipment provided by the Mentor could significantly impact the feasibility of the MPJV opportunity depending upon the calculation of the 125.8(c) "40% of the work performed" requirement. I will move forward with the SBA. Any advice as to which organization w/in the SBA to contact?
  3. Thank you as this gets me to the thread of information needed to evaluate "the rest of the story".
  4. Is the Government required to post Task Order awards under MATOC or similar contract types. Seed project awards are typically posted on FedBizopps. Agency has advised that there is no requirement to post Task Order awards.