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  1. Contractor knew ahead of time of the ceiling, and has been reiterated to them again, but my issue is how do I move forward with what has been done. Should I move forward with the ratification process or modify?
  2. We currently use the National VA contract to purchase Food. We issue numerous delivery orders for different locations to deliver food through out the quarter. The delivery order has a certain dollar amount as well as an end date. Each locations were issued a log to track orders placed and were instructed that they must track all orders to ensure that they don’t exceed the funding on the delivery order for their location. Many of the locations are exceeding the dollar amount and continue to order food, since they have not reached the end date of the delivery order. Invoices come in,
  3. I llike that answer better, and that has been the other thoought in our debate here
  4. yes understand this, asnd this was included, but the dispute clause does not state the amount of time the KTR has to appeal that decisoion, I thought it stated it somehwere. Trying to provide the correct info to the KTR Thank you
  5. Trying to figure out how much time a contractor has to appeal a termination of a contract
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