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    Would you do it all over again?

    My answer is: yes. I would do it all over again. While of course it is important to look at the level of job security of which you are comfortable, growth potential, etc.. it really comes down to whether you enjoy or gain satisfaction from at least 51% of what you do. Personally, I do- but everyone is different. I like the balance between the specific and general aspects of this profession. As an 1102, one has the ability to dig into certain areas of interest, while also having the luxury of being able to move around through a broad field. This is not an option for many other types of professionals. I think back to my now retired father who worked over 40 years in DOD as a nuclear engineer. His field was hyper-focused on a very specific subject matter and he had very little ability to move around. He was OK with this, but I am different- and thus chose a much different field. In essence, I would do it all over again- but that is me. Everyone has to assess from their own perspective.