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  1. There is a poc for questions. But, I'm just wondering if there is a way to see if a GSA Schedule is required or not.
  2. We have only bid on solicitations under the GSA Schedule via GSA eBuy. However, we received a solicitation via email that doesn't look like a GSA schedule contract is required. Are there certain clauses used to show as such or is it the lack of a FAR clause(s)? Which ones? Also, if a GSA Schedule contract isn't required - do we still have to stay under the GSA Schedule labor category rates or can we go above? Thank you!
  3. The COR is checking with his CO if he is allowed to complete it. I was hoping to find something in the FAR that allows for this, before I ask him for an update.
  4. We are responding to a DHS RFP. It requires 3 past performance write ups AND 3 Past Performance Questionnaires. The PP Questionnaires are to be sent to the Project's COR or CO and then they are to send it directly to the RFP POC. The RFP allows us to submit past performances in which we were not the prime. We sent a PP questionnaire to a COR on a project in which we were a sub (the only sub). However, the COR stated that he cannot fill out the questionnaire because we're not the prime, neither can the prime fill out the questionnaire for us because they are a private company. He said he is contractually unable to fill it out. I have sent out many of these questionnaires in the past and have never received a response like that. In the past the COR/CO has completed it and sent it along, regardless of if we were a prime or sub. I have been looking through the FAR, but all I can find is info relating to the prime contractor. I don't see anything that actually addresses the Gov't filling out a PP questionnaire or giving a rating to a subcontractor. Anyone have any advice, reference, anything that can prove that this is allowed?
  5. You guys have been incredibly helpful-thank you! To answer the question from Joel - the "temps" would be people from a staffing agency who are employees of the staffing agency but that work 40hours/week for us. However, based on Carl's definition from SBA I believe that they can count as our employees when it comes to SDVOSB requirements.
  6. My company has been a government contractor for over 10 years offering services only (financial, PM). A few years ago we sold off a large division of our business and are now coming into our first year as a SDVOSB. My question is pertaining to the below FAR clause. I'd like to know your opinion on 19.14-07(a)(1) - do "employees" mean just that or can that include temp staff, 1099s and subcontractors? Thank you! FAR 19.1407 Limitations on subcontracting and nonmanufacturer rule. (a) Limitations on subcontracting. To be awarded a contract or order under this subpart, the SDVOSB concern is required to— (1)For services (except construction), spend at least 50 percent of the cost incurred for personnel on its own employees or the employees of other SDVOSBs;
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