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  1. Thank you for the responses, thus far. To answer some of the questions, yes I do have a scope and no, I don't have a vendor quote, since this is still in the pre-solicitation stage. We've issued an RFI to determine standard industry practices, regarding billing for this type of service. So far, the vendor responses have been all over the place. Again, thank you for your responses.
  2. I was given a new requirement to create a BPA (or IDIQ, depending) for agency-wide use, for third-party medical billing. The program folks have provided the payment structure they'd like to see in place, which supposedly is consistent with how payment for this type of service is made to a third-party biller in the public sector. It involves a flat fee per encounter, plus a percentage of funds recovered, as an incentive. Since I've not previously worked on a project like this, I'd like to see how other folks in the federal government are paying their third-party medical billers, especially i
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