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    FAR 52.212-1 Tailored for SAP

    Whenever I use the commercial clauses for SAP, I ad the following text to the top of section C: "This solicitation is a request for quote (RFQ). If appearing in this solicitation, the terms "RFP" shall mean "RFQ", the words "proposal" or "offer" shall mean "quote", the word "offeror" shall mean "quoter", and the word "contract" shall mean "purchase order"." While this is not a total fix, it does help to dispel indices of the solicitation being in FAR Part 15.
  2. JWC

    Recommended Reading

    Love the list, but I think i would add: Blacks Law Dictionary (we are creating legal documents after all) The Government Contracts Reference Book Hodges' Harbrace Handbook (Because some of the grammer I see in the acquisition world is atrocious!)