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  1. Can a prime contractor receive profit on a non-profit subcontractor's portion?
  2. Con 90 isn't more of the same. It actually holds people accountable for learning the information for the most part. I've taken classes through Con 216 and Con 90 was definitely my favorite class. I also feel that I learned a great amount. After the first test, I would say 50% of the class wasn't passing. Of course, the class did get easier the 3rd and 4th week (they don't want 50% of the class failing). Thank goodness this class is now required.
  3. Vern, When you have time, can you provide the next series of recommended readings/research?
  4. 3600 Funds Yes, effort is in scope - not sure what fiscally in scope means "bonifide need"? Why would I fund some of it? O&A is for effort unknow at time of award.
  5. Scenario: You have a Contract that requires over and above (O&A) effort to be administered IAW DFARs 217.77. Question: Once the ceiling amount of the O&A effort is established and the contract is awarded, what type of funds commitment, as it relates to O&A, does the government have to make at time of award? Furthermore, will the price the O&A CLIN be the ceiling amount, with the obligation amount being zero? Observation: I believe O&A is often being misused to accomplish, what should have been, ?known requirements? at the time of award and is justified by SOW statements and the tailoring of DFARs 252.217-7028. Also, please feel free to provide any advice or lessons learned when administering O&A effort.
  6. Very good points. I can appreciate when individuals are direct, I learn from their candid responses and know I have received their true opinion. It also helps me to understand how certain individuals with similar personalities will react to situations, which allows me to adjust my expectations when preparing for their response. However, I would suggest that there are great leaders that were, at least, respectful in their delivery of their positions and were still able to achieve their objectives and goals. But I recognize all of our personalities are not the same, which leads me to my point that everyone has something to offer (understanding human nature and why individuals do what they do ? a valuable skill ?agree?). ?If You Want to Gather Honey, Don?t Kick Over the Beehive? -Dale Carnegie- Thank you for the Forum, it has helped me immensely in my acquisition development.
  7. I believe the "Topic Title" is self-explanatory; therefore, I will kick-off the discussion. Lessons Learned - Time & Material Contracts are out of favor (for AF anyways), so if you are going to use this contract type you better have a very strong position detailing why you must use T&M. - Communication is key , assume nothing - When in question, document - Prepare and present a pristine file, it is a reflection of your competence - Don?t be afraid to ask questions Great Advice/Best Practices - Learn to think two levels above your position o How will leadership use and view your inputs - Embrace diversity o Be receptive to other?s ideas o Understand that every individual has the potential to provide value - Perform the mirror check o We need to reflect on the decisions and activities we perform and how it helps ensure we provide the proper capabilities to the Warfighter - Operate with integrity - Learn from other?s mistakes and, even more important, their successes - Work on your weaknesses o If something is difficult for you, put yourself in situations where you can get real experience and improve - At times, regardless of grade or rank, you may need to take a stand if it is the right thing to do o Be respectful and tactful in the delivery of your position - If you?ve been given a perceived ?overwhelming? task, don?t be afraid to ask for assistance and feedback from your leaders and fellow co-workers - Say, ?thank you? to those that provide their assistance - Seek out a mentor - Be passionate - Read
  8. Background: Our office awarded an IDIQ contract prior to Oct 10 which included multiple AFMC clauses. On 15 Oct 10, HQ AFMC/PK issued a memo in response to SAF/AQC?s memo eliminating the AFMC FAR Supplement. The AFMC/PK memo states, ?AFMCFARs shall not be used for new solicitations after 15 Oct 10.? Question: Since the IDIQ was awarded prior to the 15 Oct 10 policy memo, will the AFMC clauses apply to Delivery Orders issued subsequent to the policy memo? To support the answer to the aforementioned question, I would first need to understand if a DO is considered a ?new" solicitation or not. Any advice would be most appreciated.
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