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    Wifcon.com: My Legacy; My Albatross

    Mr Bob, Sir, I have spent many years reading, researching, reading, referencing, and researching some more and most importantly referring and sharing your website information as a mentor and contracting geek to my fellow acquisition professionals. When you called it quits that time, I was pounding away on my keyboard to get you an email of how much I/we appreciated what you did for the career field with the website. Whenever I send out information to my contracting “peeps”, I include the link to WIFCON.com so they know I’m sharing what I’ve learned in hopes that will start searching the website too. Your hard work and dedication, and the input by the other contracting professionals in your “year group”, are wholeheartedly appreciated by me and I hope those I share the information with. We sure didn’t have anything like this ‘back in the day’ when I began this contracting career life chapter. We were lucky to have some experienced folks around to share with us by word of mouth, or through the networking accomplished at a far & in-between acquisition class. So its ‘cool’ we have it today. You’re ‘cool’ for taking it on and maintaining it. Not 64 but appreciate you all the same. Thank you and I’m addicted as well.