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  1. Retreadfed I would prefer not to. That would pretty much point to a specific company. Here_2_help, I agree with you entirely. This isn't the first bizarre circumstance that has come out of this office.
  2. Vern, You are absolutely correct with your assessment of the situation. No to the cash basis question. Thanks
  3. I had a feeling I wasn't fully explaining. Let me try for a better picture here. This isn't the exact scenario but it should (I hope) show the problem. All dates and amounts are completely arbitrary. PoP ends 30 Sep. 15 Oct subcontractor submits an invoice to the prime for their 1-30 Sep labor in the amount of $100K. 1 Nov, subcontractor is paid $100K and that same cost then hits the prime contractors cost statement. 15 Nov Prime contractor submits a cost voucher in the amount of $100K for payment (I'm purposely ignoring any burdens and fee that would be applied). 17 Nov, DCAA rejects voucher as the cost is outside the PoP. Does that clarify my question? Thanks
  4. This is my first post to the forum. I sincerely hope I give enough information that I won?t get beat up too bad but if I don?t, please be gentle. Here is the scenario. CPFF contract with multiple subcontractors. Period of Performance is by Government Fiscal Year. Subcontractors have submitted their invoices for September during the month of October. Once those invoices are received they are applied to the Prime contractors cost statement and then paid. The prime contractor submits a cost voucher for payment which is subsequently rejected since the subcontractors cost was applied AFTER the PoP had expired even though the costs were incurred during the PoP. DCAA stated the reason for rejection was the contract did not specifically allow for costs to be incurred outside the PoP. Contract does contain 52.216-7. I also assume that DCAA is basing the rejection on the CAM para 6-202.2 Procedure Where Term of Contract Performance Period is Explicit A contract may provide that it expires on a specified date, unless terminated before that date, and obligates the contractor to devote a specified level of effort for a stated time period [see FAR 16.306(d)(2) and FAR 52.249-6(a)]. The auditor shall not approve for reimbursement any costs incurred by the contractor subsequent to the expiration date stated in the contract, or in excess of contract limitations. Has anyone else had a similar issue with lagging charges and how was this resolved? Assume that a modification to the contract will not be processed.
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