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  1. This has been a very helpful thread. I have a few questions related to this topic. Background: We were awarded an IDIQ in September of 2012 that had the then current SCA wages attached. In June of this year there was an SCA change in rates. According to FAR 52.222.43 (thanks for leading me to this) "The wage determination, issued under the Service Contract Act of 1965, as amended (41 U.S.C. 351, et seq.), by the Administrator, Wage and Hour Division, Employment Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, current on the anniversary date of a multiple year contract or the beginning of each renewal option period, shall apply to this contract." Our subcontractor is asking us to get a mod to increase the rates. Question 1) It would seem that until an option is renewed, we are stuck with SCA wages from Sept. 2012. Correct? But the subcontractor must pay the employee the new rates. Who is stuck with the differential amount, the subcontractor or the Prime? Question 2) When our Option is renewed in a month, we can ask that the new rates be incorporated. Correct? Question 3) We have FAR 52.222-41 in our contract, but not FAR 52.222.43. So does all of the above still apply? I'd value your replies.
  2. Thanks to those that replied. The decision of whether to retain the indirect costs stipulation will be above my head. If my managers decide to retain it rather than asking the Contracting Officer to change it, do you have any recommendations on the types of services that can be used for the indirect vendors? The only thing I have seen is janitorial and landscaping. What about travel agencies, copier rentals? I am assuming they must be costs of a repetitive nature? Thank you.
  3. Our company is new to the government arena and so I'd appreciate the gentle help of those with experience. We have a recently awarded IDIQ and when the individual subcontracting plan was included and accepted in the proposal phase, the box was checked for "indirect costs have been included". Can anyone advise as to a good method of assembling what indirect costs (janitorial, for example?) are acceptable? Also, the contract states "The total of this governement contract divided by the total corporate sales will provide the prorate factor." For total corporate sales should we use the three year average used on SAM? If anyone knows of any resources besides the FAR, ti would be appreciated. Thanks.
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