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  1. Thanks for the response. The basic contract does include a CLIN for T&M labor which hasn't been used to this point - I believe the rates are there primarily to support that. There is an Ordering Procedures clause in the contract which specifies that task order proposals will include hours against the labor categories and rates in the contract, but the language clearly is intended towards T&M. We haven't found anything else in the contract that would seem to apply.
  2. Single-award IDIQ contract for IT services. Task orders are issued as FFP. Separate labor category rates for the prime and each subcontractor were required in the cost proposal, and labor categories with rates are required in the individual proposals for each task order issued. On one of the awarded task orders we'd like to fill a vacant position using a different subcontractor. The subcontractor's hourly rate for the labor category is $5/hr. lower than the hourly rate that was in the task order proposal. Am I correct that we are free to do that without modifying our price since it's FFP, or could we run into a problem when DCAA audits the task order and finds that we executed the task order with a lower-cost subcontractor than was proposed?
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