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  1. Has anyone seen any articles or are aware of what regulations govern a private company subcontracting to a Government agency? For example, can a private company flow down contract clauses to a Government subcontractor? My assumption is no however I'm looking for something to cite.
  2. WIFCON is the ONLY decent source of federal procurement insight. If Uncle Sam was ever looking for someone to train its current crop of contracting officers, he only has to direct them to WIFCON
  3. An article of mine titled "Contractor Purchasing System Reviews - Not So Different from 1991" was published in the May issue of Contract Management magazine. My contention is that CPSRs are pretty much the same today as they were in 1991 when NCMA published my first article about CPSRs. I would appreciate feedback from anyone reading the article about my positions on source selection, price reasonableness and clause flow down.
  4. If a contractor is selling steel coil to a prime contractor or the federal government for use in Afganistan, it is my understanding that the Buy American Act does not apply. However, does any trade agreement or World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement prevent the steel coil from being manufactured in India? Phil