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  1. I didn't think there should be any hours at all.
  2. I didn't think it was acceptable to tell the contractor how many hours to propose.
  3. Hello, I am working on a proposed A&E task order under a stand alone contract. I received a new purchase request and in the Statement of A&E Services (scope of work) the Project Manager has listed the number of hours under each work element such as "Work Element 1 - Project Management (include up to 80 hours to provide support that includes all activities required to successfully execute this task order"...…. I don't believe this is acceptable? The COR under this contract agrees with me. We shouldn't tell the contractor how many hours to propose. Please advise.
  4. Yes, the underlying contract is a multiple award. Is there specific guidance/policy that says you can/can't add options to an existing task order? Thank you.
  5. Are you able to create new options on an existing task order that has no options? Existing Task Order will expire six months from now.
  6. Is there any prohibition against a Performance Assessment Representative (formerly a QAE, CSR) providing estimated hours to the Program Leads to assist them with the development of the IGE? I am trying to find something in the regulations that may prohibit this, other than the PAR appointment letter. The PAR appointment letter only tells the PAR not to change the scope. It doesn't really state they are not allowed to help develop the IGE based on their expertise. Are there any rules? Thank you
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