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  1. I'm a little surprised, but maybe I shouldn't be, at the lack of professionalism of the Government work force. I guess those who post on this forum are no different. I came on here looking for professional insights not personal attacks. To those who tried to have a helpful dialogue, I appreciate your efforts. To the few others, perhaps you should do the taxpayers a favor and find a different career!
  2. One clarification, the people I support do have the authority to grant this, they just don't want to and I do have full support of my company. I do agree with your last statement, I'm not looking to pick a fight over this. In my opinion, I signed on to be a "team" member and I'm fully supportive of the team. I'm just asking for what I believe is a "reasonable" accomodation that is made available to other team members (gov't). So far, I know of no reason why it can't be allowed other than the customer doesn't want to allow it.
  3. You are correct on your staffing assumptions. The type of work schedule I'm interested in is the 9/80 or compressed schedule, where you have one day off every pay period. There are five government employees, three of them work a 9/80 schedule, all three are off different days. Of the two contractors, I'm the only one who wants to work a similar 9/80 schedule.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't coverage of a Government Office an inherently governmental function? If so, should contractor employees be used to cover the office when government employees are off?
  5. I am on a T&M contract to provide contracting support. There is nothing specified as to what is required other than support. The only mention of hours is a reference about being available during "normal" business hours. The contract calls for two FTEs to provide support and there currently are two contractors providing the support.
  6. I'm trying to research quality of life issues that pertain to contractor employee work schedules. Specifically, I'm trying to find any information that discusses Government agencies allowing (or not) contractor employees the option of working flexible/compressed work schedules like many Government employees are able to do. I'm recently retired military now working as a contractor supporting a Defense agency in the NCR. When I was hired by my company, I asked about the flexible work schedules and was told, "no problem, just work it out with the customer." My agency organization doesn't allow contractors to work the flexible schedules and the only explanation they gave was "just because." I can't see any impact on mission and contractors do work these type of schedules in other agency organizations. I suspect the leadership in my organization is just resistent to change, "they've always done it this way, so ...." But that doesn't sit well with me. If there was a resonable explanation then I'd probably see things differently. I'm looking for any factual information that might help be address the issue again. Thanks!
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