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  1. Vern, I don't want to discuss this further with you. What I did was tell you the truth.
  2. Vern, in one of your earlier posts you wrote: "...your question was so thoughtless that it was worthy of ridicule..."
  3. I assume the motivation for most posts at WIFCON is the hope of gaining or sharing information and/or insight. But ridicule is not always the best instructor.
  4. Was the BPA awarded under Part 8 (Federal Supply Schedule) or Part 13?
  5. If the contractor's staff are going to travel to multiple locations to perform the work, you can request a special nation-wide wage determination from the DOL through the E-98 process. If the contractor is going to sub it out to local staff, DOL won't create a nation-wide wage determination. If you don't get a nation-wide wage determination, I think adding the wage determination with each order, is the best you can do. (Also, SCA does not apply to services performed outside of the States.)
  6. Do the service employees have to travel to multiple locations to perform the work, or are they expected to be located at the site of service performance?
  7. A new wage determination should not be added to a task order. When a new new wage determination is incorporated into the contract with the new year, it affects all task orders under the contract. So if a task order performance crosses over the threshold between contract years, the contractor can ask for a price adjustment for the work that occurs after the start of the new contract year for the balance of the task order.
  8. Real Property leases are under Federal Management Regulations (FMR). Here's a link you might want to look at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/ext/public/site/FMR/file/Part102-_73.html/category/21859/#wp2016511
  9. The debt collection can affect any current or future contracts. It's up to the awarding agency whether they use it to affect issuing delivery orders or modifications - but they could.
  10. The debt can be recaptured by deductions from payments on contracts to the federal government, and it affects the responsibilty determination when being considered for future contract awards.
  11. Without any more info on the situation, it's hard to tell, but FAR 16.306(a) says in part: ...The fixed fee does not vary with actual cost, but may be adjusted as a result of changes in the work to be performed under the contract.
  12. Don - Well, logistics and expense would prevent that for a lot of us. Some of my program offices are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles away. This has been true in all of the three agencies I have worked.
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