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  1. hi - The contract states uner CLIN 0001 that "orders issued under this line item will be cost plus fixed fee completion form orders and shall be reimbursed in accordance with clauses herein entitled "allowable Cost and Payment" FAR 52.216-07. The FFP portion is to be reimbursed under FAR 52.216-08.
  2. Hi - The first Delivery Order with the new labor category of Program Manager was issued on Septemeber 25, 2009. The contract was awarded on December 18, 2008.
  3. Hi - Thank you for the responses. The task order that was issued specifically states the new labor category and the rates associated with it.
  4. Hi - Thank you for the responses. To answer your question Vern - I am talking about different kinds of workers. We would like to add additional skill levels (II, and III) and a program manager which did not exist when the contract was awarded.
  5. Hi - I have a question concerning introducing additional labor categories after contract award. This is for a DOD - CPFF Delivery Order Type 5 year contract. We were issued a CPFF contract based on 9 labor categories in 2008. In June 2009 DCAA audited forward pricing rates which introduced additional labor categories. Once audited we provided the report to the Government and began providing quotes using the additional categories. The Government issued four delivery orders using the new catergories. We are now being told that new labor categories are not allowed in the contract and that we should only provide quotes using the original labor categories. They also stated we can only invoice for the rates provided in the proposal (we provided rates that were escaleted out by percentage over the contract years) which is incorrect. We are allowed to change the base labor category rates once approved by DCAA - the same for the indirect rates (man ovhd, eng ovhd and G &A). My question would be how do we get the new labor categories into the contract if possible. We are a growing company and the labor categories are growing with us. Thank you.
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