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  1. Yes, I see where you're coming from. So is the short answer "no," because the increase in labor would be considered an increase in scope? The only justification I can come up with is projected ODC expense was not fully expended due to less travel needed. And "unforeseen" overtime requirements increased labor cost dramatically.
  2. Answers: 1. The contract type is Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF). 2. Yes, the funds are from the same appropiation and account.
  3. CPFF contract Can funds from an ODCs CLIN be moved or "re-aligned" to a labor CLIN in the same contract? No increase in scope or effort, just unexpended ODC funds to be used to cover additional labor costs not forecasted initially.
  4. I have a CPFF task order to issue against a basic contract our office has issued/awarded. However, I vaguely remember whether or not the prime can charge fee on the total subcontracting cost (inclusive of fees) or just on their direct/indirect cost (exclusive of fees). Is it acceptable for the prime to charge fee on the sub's fee as well?
  5. Is there an exemption for posting a sole source RFP to the GPE? FAR 5.102 states that all solicitations that have been synopsized are to be posted to the GPE. Is a synopsis of proposed contract action to sole source under FAR 6.302-1 considered a solicitation that has been synopsized? In addition, FAR 15.203(e) allows for sending letter RFPs for sole sources are these suppose to be posted to the GPE? 5.201(e) is not very clear.
  6. Is DOD allowed to fund contractor training with appropirated funds as required by the contract for them to stay up to date with changes to commercial software used in the contract? I researched FAR Part 31, and both appendences for allowable costs, but I was not able to get a definite answer. The broad answer was if it's required by the contract we can fund the training.
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