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  1. Super helpful! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. More of a contract administrator role or assisting small businesses in breaking into government contracting (I realize there probably won't be many job postings for this type of work). From Kevlar51's response, it would be more along the lines of client-focused positions.
  3. I've spent my entire (8 year) career in the federal government specifically as an 1102. Currently looking outside of the federal government but keep running into the issue where I feel I'm not qualified for something because private sector companies tend to look for more of a legal background and less of a business/leadership background. What are some positions in the private sector that a Contracting Officer may be able to transition into fairly well?
  4. We've all been there....we receive a PR for something, send out a solicitation, and process an award document without even knowing what we're really buying. What is the number 1 (or 2&3) reason you think contracting personnel should physically see/touch/explore what they are buying?
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