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  1. Is there a time limit for the duration of a follow-on task order under a GSA schedule contract for information technology (IT) services and supplies under FAR Subpart 8.4?
  2. In forming a contract with an educational institution such as state university should the normal competitive contracting process be followed or are there special set-asides or other acquisition approaches for a civilian federal agency?
  3. When using a modification to incorporate an assignment of claims, should the name of the Assignee appear in Block 8 of the Standard Form 30 (SF30) or the name of the original contractor?
  4. Initially, a decision was made to issue four (4) identical $14,000 GSA Schedule brand name requirements with different delivery locations separately. After receiving one quote from the same vendor for all four (4) RFQs and submitting the delivery orders for a review, a request was made to consolidate the orders, therefore, increasing the total value to about $56,000. Do we have to cancel the four RFQs and re-issue the solicitation with the restricted consideration memo and brand name justification on GSA e-BUY, or is it acceptable to add a memo to the file documenting why the requirements were initially processed separately and proceed with award?
  5. When closing out micropurchases and simplified acquisitions under $25,000.00, how many attempts and methods should be used to contact the contractor to verify payment of the final invoice and any outstanding matters? If the contractor fails to respond after being contacted three or more times, should a letter be sent to the contractor or is it appropriate to then proceed with closeout of the contract? I am unable to locate regulations or guidance requiring a specific minimum number of days for the contractor to respond with a verification. Please advise. Thanks.
  6. Is there a legislative authority or a regulation that requires the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) to acknowledge acceptance of their designation letter by signing and returning the COR acceptance page to the Contracting Officer?
  7. If procuring a system which requires an initial startup cost for all offerors except the incumbent, what is the best way to “normalize” the pricing received in response to the solicitation? The proposal representing the best value to the Government will be selected. Is our agency required to include information in the solicitation addressing how the above costs will be addressed in the evaluation of proposals?
  8. What type of numbers (using dollar values) should be inserted for the fill-ins under FAR 52.216-19? I have received a couple of different views on this. Some say use my unit price, or the minimum/lowest CLIN value, and the maximum CLIN, then a sum of selected CLINs. My goal is to award an IDIQ contract. Task Orders (non-competitive) with fixed-prices will be issued under the IDIQ contract. There are optional CLINs with a possible minimum estimated cost of $46K to $56K, but there is no way to know when or the duration of these services. I have estimated a duration based information in the SOW . The maximum amount of the IDIQ is under $550K. Please advise.
  9. Can a solicitation be issued today and contract awarded today for services to begin in 2013 using no year funds although the need developed in FY2012?
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