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  1. Vern, I know you're aware of the many pitfalls of working as a present day 1102- the overly burdensome admin work, the shoddy procurement systems, the 200 databases everything has to be entered into, the filing, the feds retiring in droves while inexperienced COs fill the void, just to name a few. I think I underestimated the monotony that goes along with the position while overestimating the amount of actual thoughtful analysis whether financial or legal that is required for the position. To make matters worse, you have a workforce that is constantly battered down and used as a political pawn. Morale is abysmal. GoGOLD made some good points too. I appreciate everyone's input. I have no plans on avoiding ethics. wvanpup- your comments are well taken- what I meant is I want to be prepared, that is all. Can you speak to what, if any, confidentiality one could expect during such a conversation (w/ethics)?
  2. I have read both FAR 3.104-3© and (d) and FAR 3.104-6. I have also read 5 CFR Parts 2637 and 2641. I have not done any of the activities explained in FAR 3.104-3 (d) (1) (ii). I do not plan to seek employment with any contractor that I participated personally or substantially on anything. I would plan to speak to an ethics officer to be sure of my situation but I would like to know some of the outcome before contacting him/her. After reading 3.104-6 again, I read it to say it applies only to those who do not know whether they would be precluded from applying to a certain contractor. Since I already know that I don't meet any of the criteria in section (d) of the act, I don't know where that leaves me. I wouldn't make a good barista, Craigmccaa.
  3. I was previously in the private sector but wanted experience as a Contract Officer. After giving it some time, I feel as if I have made a terrible decision. It is nothing that I thought it would be. My time as a fed has been a living nightmare, really. I don’t want to make a rash decision. I’m aware there's conflict of interest/revolving door laws for feds. What I’m unsure about is how I can still responsibly pursue private sector employment. I would be prohibited from seeking employment for any company I may have awarded contracts over $10m. Is it possible to apply to other contractors while employed as a fed? Like for instance (dramatic example), if you worked for NASA, but applied for a company that studied the characteristics of tree sap in Oregon, would that be ok? Anyone have any thoughts or guidance? Thank you.
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