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  1. Hi, Let's suppose I have a CPAF contract with multiple CLINs -- some are for labor, some are for acquiring materials. The materials acquired will be used to build the end-item deliverables required by the contract. The SOW for the contract describes the requirements for the end-item deliverables, but doesn't break out requirements by CLIN. The CLINs were added to the contract as time went on...there were the base CLINs and CLINs added by exercised options and ECPs. If the contract acquired material on CLIN 0001 and there is some material leftover/unused, can it be used elsewhere on the same contract under a different CLIN? Is there any accountability required to move/use material between CLINs on the same contract? Many thanks for your time! Tom
  2. Thank you for the feedback! I think the GAO white paper reference helped to answer my question. I'll see how the agency responds! Tom
  3. Hi, An agency is interested in evaluating a COTS software package from a vendor for a defined period of time, for no cost ($0). The vendor will supply an evaluation software license agreement covering the use of the software during the evaluation period. Is this considered an acquistion and does it fall under the guidance of the FAR? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Thank you everyone for your insights...this helps me tremendously!
  5. Hi, I have a question for the forum. Hypothetical situation (aren't they all?!): somewhere from the DoD, an informal, email or verbal request is made to a company to provide a budgetary estimate for services and goods. The company provides a "Price Estimation" and includes the statement "This is a a non-binding estimate of software, hardware and associated services." Could the company end being bound to the price estimate anyways? In other words, does "non-binding estimate" hold water with the government? (Be gentle...I'm a first-timer here on this forum!).
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