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    A Simple Training Exercise

    Vern, Please keep them coming. I go one step further than Bob?s comment. In these days we cannot leave the training to the first-line supervisor. It is up to all of us to help train this new work force. There are just too many of them and too few of us. We can take a simple lesson plan like this and round up some new 1102s for a brown bag lunch. I find most are eager to listen to an educated senior person who is willing to give them some time. Randall C. Burleson
  2. RandallBurleson

    What is it with all the awards?

    Vern, We now live in a society where everyone gets a trophy. My youngest son?s soccer team concluded their final practice a couple of weeks ago and we went to the burger joint where all the kids got trophies. I?m not sure what the trophy represented because they never even played a game against an opponent. (They are 5) I guess they got a trophy for being registered on the team and showing up each week for 12 weeks. This kind of mentality works its way into professional lives as well. I?m here every week, I meet PALT, I?m right in the middle of the pack on production ? ?where?s my trophy?? Randall C. Burleson