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  1. Does anyone know if purchase orders under simplified procedures need a release and all those items under FAR 4.804-5. FAR 4.804-1 states files for simplified acquisitons should be considerd closed when the KO receives evidence of receipt of property and final payment. It also bothers me why this agency didn't use the purchase card for these small purchases under $5,000.
  2. The settlement is on a modifiication that cites default under FAR clause 52.249-8. The contractor was paid off. No language about a release. I'm seeking a release to be on the safe side.
  3. Don't know, but termination and a settlement fee of xxx dollars certainly implies no further claim in my thinking.
  4. Understand. I had written a note to the file but then asked the contractor again to sign a release based on your absolutely comment above. Will see if he agrees. If not, what compliance action can government take? Maybe put something in past performance file.
  5. It looks like 4.804 implies it. I'm a seasoned contracting professional but am new to contract close outs. Learning a lot from this site and appreciate that. At one time there was a school of thought that said "if the FAR does not expressly prohibit an action it is permissible if otherwise legal. It may be too risky to think that way.
  6. Does anyone see a need to close out a contract that has been terminated? In this case the contractor states that the termination settled everything for all parties. He does not want to sign another release, submit a zero invoice and attest to no goverment property involved, patent rights, etc. Moreover, he states that during settlement he was told there would be no more documents. He is clearly reluctant to sign addtional documents and would not do so unless he had legal review and the added expense. Obviously, he does not want to incur additional expense.
  7. Would anyone know why we ask for a contractor release statement. It basically states the contractor has and/or will be paid x dollars and no further claims will be submitted. Does the FAR require it?
  8. Thanks everyone for the termination contract close out responses.
  9. Would anyone know whether a terminated contract with settlement should be closed out. It seems redundant but perhaps still required. Thanks.
  10. Question: FAR 4.804.5 requires a contract audit. Can anyone state what that entails and who completes it? Thanks.
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