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  1. Joel - I am indeed a CO working for a DOD activity. We currently do not rank proposals, but if we were to begin here is how I think we would do it: The SSA would accomplish a comparative assessment of all proposals remaining in the competitive range against all source selection criteria (to include cost/price considerations) and make the best value decision (identifying the winner) as required in the DOD Source Selection Procedures. Next, the SSA would have to acccomplish another comparative assessment amongst all remaining proposals and determine who the next best value offeror would be (offeror ranked number two), and so on until all offerors had been ranked. Using this approach, cost/price considerations are considered along with all other source selection evaluation criteria. As Vern mentioned above, and I agree, this could be a very time consuming effort - and I just don't see the benefit to the Government of doing so. I agree that if one were to use a 100% numerical evaluation approach to ranking, not only would cost/price have to have a numerical value assigned, but so would Past Performance (if evaluated). I'm really not interested in this type of approach, but appreciate the discussion. The question that I really want to get input on is whether agencies are ranking proposals, and if so, what benefit they percieve that approach provides them. For offerors, I would imagine that they would like it if the Government were to rank proposals as they would know that say out of a field of six offerors they came in second, or fifth, etc. I could see this potentially providing value to them, but not sure what the value to the Government would be. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Vern - I appreciate your feedback and I agree that unless there is some other good reason to rank proposals I wouldn't want to spend the time requried to make the paired comparisons. I have never personally ranked proposals in order of winner, second, third, etc. I have only accomplsihed trade-offs to determine the best value "winner" using other than a numerical evaluation approach. Based on the lack of response regarding any agency ranking proposals as a standard practice, it appears that it isn't occuring, or isn't occuring often. I wonder if ranking is only accomplished if one uses a numerical evaluaiton approach. Any thoughts?
  3. ji20874 - We currently do not rank proposals, but are considering doing so in order to be able to determine who an "interested party" would be should an acquisition be protested (pre-emptive strike per se). For example, If we did rank offerors and say the offeror ranked third were to file a protest, we should be able to show that this offeror is not an interested party as they would not be in line for award, and therefore, the protest should be dismissed. To do this, however, the Source Selection Authority would have to acomplish a trade-off amongst all offerors (winner against all non-winners, each non-winner against the other non-winners, etc to determine the final ranking of all offers). This seems to be like a lot of work to ward off a "potential" protest. As CajunCharlie states, there is no requriement to rank proposals. Other than determining who an "interested party" would be, I don't see any other potential advantages. In addition, I'm not convinced that determining who an "interested party" would be would absolutely result in a protest being dismissed on those grounds. I believe that the GAO would review the protest to determine if a procedural issue was basis for the protest, or if the protestor simply disagreed with the results of the evaluation of their (or others) proposal(s). Obviously we cannot pre-determine every single potential protest issue, and we cannot know how the GAO will rule on a protest until we see their response. That being the case, I do not see the advantage in spending a great deal of time to rank proposals. I would appreciate feedback from other WIFCON members on this issue. Thanks!
  4. Is it standard procedure within anyone's agency to rank all proposals when accomplishing a source selection utilizing an evaluation rating method other than numerical? For example, if you utilize the new DOD Source Selection Procedures and you evaluate Past Performance, Technical Approach and Price, assigning a performance confidence assessment rating to past performance and a combined color code and risk rating to each technical approach factor (or subfactor, if used), does the Source Selection Authority make a tradeoff decision amongst all offerors to determine who wins, who is ranked second, who is ranked third, etc? If so, what are the benefits/advantages of doing so? What are the disadvantages?
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