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  1. Understood. I will verify their intentions going forward and see if we will still be eligible to help with small business goals or not. Thanks for your help, makes more sense now.
  2. Vern, Only one TO has been released, but it looks like we negotiated one SubK with them upon award and then they issue modifications when we provide individuals who become a part of the contract. Based upon this and what you responded with in your previous response, the beggining date of SubK should be the determining point of size determination, right?
  3. We were a subcontractor to a winning bid roughly a year ago when we were still under the 14M size standard for a large IDIQ contract. We have since surpassed the 14M threshold and are being told by the prime that we will no longer be able to count for their small business goals for current work and also future task orders released under this IDIQ contract. My guess would be that this is inaccurate and that we will still be able to be considered small through the life of this IDIQ contract, however, does anyone have insight as to if this is accurate?
  4. Thank you Vern. I really appreciate your assistance and reading your blogs/responses to others. I will post the conclusion to this in case it may help another contractor in a similar situation in the future.
  5. Vern -- Thank you for the quick response. For future reference, I have two other questions for you related to this matter if I may ask them. 1) Am I wrong in thinking that this should be a matter between the Government and Prime and not with us? 2) Is the statute of limitations the date from when the contract ends or when it was bid? Thank you!
  6. Yes, we were paid in full 7 years ago under a FFP contract. We were ineligible and honestly still are ineligible for a CR type contract due to DCAA not coming to give approval to our accounting system yet.
  7. Six years ago, in the infant stages of my companies existance, we subbed on work for one of the major defense companies on a service-based contract. Last week we received email from someone from DCAA as part of the Comphrehensive Labor Audit Team stating that we must submit the Labor Category Requirements and any analysis performed to verify adherence to the requirements stating that if we are unable to come up with this data that the labor ammounts billed may not be allowable and DCAA will question our billed labor amounts in their entirety. Should these emails not be between this DCAA auditor and the prime as our contract was between us and the prime and not us and the Government? We were less than a 1M in revenue company at the time and our only dealings in this contract was to meet the target rates provided by the prime contractor and to submit candidates in which the prime contractor approved. I am having a difficult time understanding why these questions are coming to us rather than the prime contractor. Any input/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks