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  1. If you would like to see a non-prescribed Key Personnel Clause with detailed requirements, take a look at the one you will find at this link: http://www.hanford.gov/page.cfm/PrimeContracts which takes you to the prime contracts page. Then scroll down to CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company, LLC (CHPRC); Click on "CHPRC Conformed Contract" Click on Section H, and then on clause H.15. Enjoy.
  2. CO1559

    GAO Sustains Protest on Four Billion Dollar Solicitation Evaluation

    I really enjoyed your analysis of this protest. Thanks
  3. CO1559

    THINK! (maybe)

    Thank you Vern for writing this insightful article.
  4. CO1559

    U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    Bob, I found the OR's; at Serial 10, page 0099-0101, it seems to report losses. Do you know how to interpret this entry: Total First Brigade 4 100 104 17 450 467 SECOND BRIGADE. Colonel C. C. MARSH. 11th Illinois 1 16 17 4 65 69 20th Illinois 1 21 22 5 102 107 45th Illinois 1 22 23 17 170 187 48th Illinois 1 17 18 4 108 112 Total Second Brigade 4 76 80 30 445 475 Thanks
  5. CO1559

    U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    Bob, Thanks for posting the directions to using the official records. I'll try to get in there soon, it sounds fascinating!
  6. CO1559

    U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    Thanks Bob. I'll see if I can figure out how to add the image. I have not read the reports of Shiloh in the official records. Are they accessible? I would like to read them. Thinking about all this jogged my 58 year old memory; I also visited Fort Donelson. Grant was part of that battle and then came down to Shiloh. I visited these places when I was in Memphis with DCAA (DCAI). Jewel is my given name but I have been called Jeff all my life (middle name Jefferson). My dad (born 1909) told me it stood for Jefferson Davis, and he said the Short's came out of Kentucky and settled in St. Joe, Missouri and Illinois. I knew about the Missouri Ruffians for years, but didn't know that the St. Joe area was a hot bed of pro slavery and pro confederacy until I recently read a bio of Jesse James, for which there is a connection to that gun (no provenance, and I would never sell it anyway). Lincoln heritage hikes and celebrations were a big part of my life growing up as a boy scout.
  7. CO1559

    U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    I have an interest in this subject. I grew up in Springfield Illinois; I've walked the Shiloh battleground twice (compass hike, lots of hidden memorials), and I've visited Gettysburg Manassas, and Antietam. I have several books on the subject. I have an authentic 1851 colt navy (could be an Army of course, I've not got it checked out yet, but it has all the serial numbers in the right places; it is complete with the engraving of the Texas naval battle). My great Uncle came across it in St. Joe, Missouri in 1940 and he gave it to my dad; and it was recently passed on to me by my mother who passed in November. My dad took the family to St. Joe a couple of times a year; then I left for military at 18 and never lived in Springfield again.
  8. HSBaily: Can you provide additional details regarding DCAA's basis for questioning these costs?
  9. Contractor procedures define FFP same as 16.202-1; and FP-EPA sane as 16.203-1
  10. Prime contractor acquisition procedures require commercial item subcontracts to be FFP or FFP w/econ price adjustment. In addition, IQ subcontracts can be used if prices are established as FFP or FFP w/econ price adjustment.
  11. I'm in a situation where I'd rather remain anonymous. Thank you Vern
  12. I discussed this issue briefly with prime contract management; their initial reaction was disappointment, and to not fight it. This questioned cost will eventually wind its way to the cognizant ACO for adjudication. I'd change my moniker but I don't think that is allowed. I retired from the Fed about two years ago.
  13. The Prime Contract includes a clause that states: "The Contractor shall maintain file documentation which is appropriate to the value of the purchase and is adequate to establish the propriety of the transaction and the price paid." Sorry that I did not bring that up before; thanks all for the input.
  14. Thank you Vern, Joel and H2H for weighing in. This has been helpful, and my questions have been answered. Thanks Wifcon.