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  1. Is there a way to research DOD major system program offices? A list of programs other than the Defense budget? Or a good way to see what program offices are where? I take it they are spread across the country at differenet bases with a bunch in the DC area? Also, is contacting people at these offices in hopes of recieving information about current openings/ opportunities even worthwhile? I don't like the idea of "coldcalling" people for information on their offices, but with USAJOBs as the main way to research job openings, it doesn't leave me much hope.
  2. Is there a big difference between working in a program office vice base contracting? Could someone explain the structure difference to me if there is one? Any pros or cons or one versus the other?
  3. Railroad Earth - The Jupiter and the 119. Americana tune of the two trains that met at Promontory, UT to connect the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads. Also good by them: Lone Croft Farewell Long Way To Go Hard Livin' Storms Elko Mighty River Good Life
  4. Is it worth it to stay in an intern program to finish with a higher grade, even though the work is boring, the office lifeless, and the management hopeless? This is probably a money or happiness kind of question, but is there something in trying to stick it out for the experience and then move, or would moving offices sooner be more beneficial? I know that no one can answer these questions but me, but some insight from older and wiser voices would be appreciated.
  5. In an earlier post on another thread, Vern stated that "work isn't perfect or easy anywhere, but choose the organization and the job carefully and you'll be challenged and find that being a government CO can be very rewarding. Choose carelessly and you'll end up being very unhappy. Do your homework." I guess my question is what is the best way to go about doing that homework? How can you find out if one organization is better than another, or that a Director of Contracts at one place is better than some place else? Is it all word of mouth? Does it just come with experience and bouncing around
  6. Probably should have mentioned that it's a sole source.
  7. Is it possible to issue an ID/IQ contract using SAP procedures? I have a requirement which is under $150k and the end user wants to be able to buy at least 100 widgets but no more than 500 widgets per year over a three year period. They are commerical items. Is there a better way to issue this without having to make 15 options or turning it into a large contract? Does FAR 13.302-1 (b ) (1) restrict this?
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