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    FFP Incurred costs

    let me correct that... they are descoping some of work and not terminating the contract at all. I was never happy with this contract being a FFP in the first place, it should have been a CPFF contract anyway b/c the scope was not nearly specific enough originally. But being a small company, they wanted the work as a resume builder... so they took the risk. And now they are changing the SOW. I was just more concerned with the actual incurred cost and if i should use what we bid or what was actual cost. Thanks!
  2. SpartanHead

    FFP Incurred costs

    Thanks for the reply. The change im SOW is they are terminating the current scope and going in a different direction on the same contract. The net value of the contract is not going to change at all b/c the customer only has X amount of dollars for the project, but i still have to fill out the FAR 15-2 table.
  3. We have a change in SOW and need to show what our incurred costs are currently. The problem is my account group screwed up (we are a very small company) and when i pull the report for costs, none of the indirect costs are coming in. So in figuring out the total incurred costs, do I use the direct labor rates we proposed or the actual rates of the performers? (IE joe smith was bid at $100, but joe smith got a raise and makes $102) and do I use the indirect rates we bid with to burden the direct costs or the actual indirect rates? It would be simple if this was a Cost plus contract but with it being FFP im not 100% sure.
  4. Whynot had the correct answer. Thanks again!
  5. We are the prime and the contract is CPAF. SubK is CPAF also. Thanks for the replies, all.
  6. I just started working with a new company and I think they are applying their subK burden wrong. They are only applying the G&A cost on the subK burden costs and not the actual subcontract costs also. Isn't it allowable to apply G&A ontop of the SubK costs+ the SubK burden costs? example SubK total cost $100 SubK burden 5% = $5 G&A 10% What should the total cost be? I think it should be $115.5