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  1. The contract is a FFP for the use of a conference center. The reduction was to bring the 4th option in line with the others. For some reason she made the last year higher then the others. Since the Vendor has signed the contract, and not the MOD deobligating, they are quite upset. We do a lot of work with them and I'd hate to see this relationship tarnish over my higher be stubborn.
  2. Hello Everyone! We were able to work out our previous problem with all the information that was gained from all the responses. I now have another question. We have a contract with option years, and on the 4th year we decreased there funds with a modification. We sent them the modification, and it was never signed. We then deobligated the funds and they are now trying to bill for the full amount before the deobligation of funds was done. They are stating that since they didn't sign it we we're not entilited to deobligate the funds. I'll be upfront and say that I am on the Vendor's side here. My higher is saying that they can either bill for the lower amount or they can dispute. I know what will happen if they dispute. My question is, was it legal for us to deobligate the funds without a sign modification from the Vendor. It was sent to them, and they have verfied they viewed it. They've also, obviously, performed the work we've asked of them. Thanks for your time and knowledge.
  3. I want to thank you all for the infomation shared. I believe I now have enough to force his hand. I will also be training my friend on how *not* to do this again. Thank you everyone.
  4. VelHammer, Can that really happen? I've never encountered this type of error before on anything I've done. Nor have I seen this anywhere else until this one contract. Would you be able to explain why this might of happened so we can avert this from happening, with her, in the future?
  5. Vern, Yes, I mean the person that must accept the invoices to eventually be process by DFAS. He' stating that it looks like there are two different contracts meshed together. I can see his point, but I also want resolution for my colleague before it gets out of hand. Retreatfed, He's worried that there could be something missing in the 11 pages that are not present. I understand his concern, but if I can prove it's ok to him or he's legal bound to do it, then all the better. My thanks to both of you. I'm going to read the clauses posted.
  6. Greetings Everyone, I have an issue and we have been unable to find any documentation on it stating one way or the other, A colleague of mine has an issue with an Acceptor not accepting invoices due to the page numbers being wrong on the base contract. He is insistant he won't do it, she's insistant it's fine as is. I've asked her to fix it and she refuses. I'm not sure if she's taking it personal or not. My question is two-fold: 1 - Is there a rule/guidance for something like this. 2 - Can the Vendor demand an administrative mod be done. I ask the second question as that is what the Acceptor is trying to do right now. The contract is supposedly 50 pages long. The crux is that the first two pages are 1 of 50 and 2 of 50, then the pages become 3 of 39, 4 of 39 and so on. So really the contract is really only 39 pages. We've gotten quite a few opinions, but opinions aren't going to force this Acceptor to accept the invoices. Also, we can't swap to another Acceptor to get them to do it, it must go through him. Lastly, we know that if the Acceptor accepts it DFAS will pay it. We need to get this vendor paid. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. /R, Stahr
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