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  1. Thanks for your response. I read the proposed rule and it seems to only address subcontracting credit for orders against IDVs. I thought there must be some existing policy on how subcontracting credit is currently applied to definitive contracts - not IDVs/orders, etc. The reports that get submitted to eSRS include the Funding Agency ID so I thought that was a good indication that the funding agency was currently getting the credit but I don't see it spelled out anywhere.
  2. I am trying to confirm who gets credit for the subcontracting goaling achievements on contracts - the funding or the procuring agency. In FPDS it is spelled out that the funding agency receives the socioeconomic credit for the prime contract small business award. I do not see similar documentation in eSRS.gov, nor in the SBA scorecard methodology. Does anyone know of any official policy documentation that confirms that the funding agency receives the subcontracting credit?
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