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  1. George and Here_2_help Thanks so much for your replys. Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to the site to view for comments...been stretched beyond measure. To answer, we have not had many projects where our staff was away from our corporate office but for those we have had our standard overhead rate (home office) was always used. I realize now that we just do not have an internal policy. This is our first project where the federal govt is the end customer and frankly we're at a lost. Trying hard to come up to speed. As far as CAS coverage - 1. The subcontract does not have any 52.230 CAS flowdowns or clauses incorporated by reference. 2. According to my understanding we are CAS exempt based on CFR 9903.201-1. We met the following three requirements (exemption only requires meeting 1 out of the 15) -We are a small business and subcontractor -Our subcontract is less than $7.5 million -Subcontract is being performed entirely outside of the US FYI: Prime contract over $50M, Subcontract is awarded on fixed hourly rates. Prime is providing temporary office space and business related transportation for our employee Prime is stating we should bill the field rate but can/won't provide guidance/regulation/contract wording as to how or which rate should be used in thi case. The frustrating part about this is that the agreement has much to be desired. Any guidance you can provide will be tremendously appreciated. Thanks ! KOIOA
  2. Hello Everyone! I am new to the site and the area of overhead rates. I'm conducting an assessment and cost evaluation for key personnel cited for potential short-term overseas assignment and really need some help. Question: Should my direct labor rate for this advisor be charged to home office overhead or field office overhead rate? My understanding is that the field office rate is appropriate however have been researching the FAR, CFR, ASSHTO, DSSR, USAID, FAM, GAAP etc. to see if there was any policy/guidance that directly links the overhead rate allocated to lenght of technical assistance assignments and have not found anything. Wanted to see if I'm just missing something....If anyone knows if/ where I might find guidance on if/if not there is a direct correlation I would surely appreaciate your help. Thanks in advance! KOIOA