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  1. I am managing a Cooperative Agreement issued from USAID. The award doesn't stipulate any restrictions regarding overtime payment. I was wondering whether we can pay overtime. Overtime will be considered anything above 40 hours of work per week. I know that cooperative agreements are governed by 22 CFR 226, 22 CFR 228 and cost rules . We are also a Commercial entitiy so hence we should use our own cost principles and policies under a Cooperative Agreement as same as FAR part 31, that said all of these regulations are silent regarding payment of overtime. I would really appriciate you guidance/thoughts on this subject!
  2. ktr1999- Thanks!!! This is a great analysis! Thank you! and thank you for pointing out 14 FAM 574.4!
  3. Thank you all for the replies! This is really helpful!!!
  4. The Prime Contract type is Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Completion The subcontract type is: Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Term The contract says the following" Travel expenses such as lodging, per diem, fuel and others, as required during the performance of this Subcontract, will be reimbursed subject to the terms and conditions herein, and in accordance with Federal Travel Regulations and / or other regulations identified in the prime contract with its Client" and "The Subcontractor shall comply with the maximum lodging and per diem rates established by the Department of State and available at www.state.gov/m/a/als/prdm" In the General Provisions is does qoute FAR article # 752.7002 TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION Thank you!
  5. I was wondering if a late checkout from a hotel is an allowable cost. We are a prime to USAID and one of our Subcontractors hired and sent a consultant to the field The consultant supported project activities in the morning, which were completed by noon. However, the flight that was booked for him did not leave from until 9:00 PM on, leaving him 8 hours to wait before needing to leave for the airport. As such, the consultant stayed in his hotel room and he was charged for half a day extra (as a late checkout fee) The subcontract claims that it’s in their policy to allow a day room or late check-out in circumstances where a consultant has more than 8 hours of wait time because of circumstances beyond his/her control. I have checked the FAR/FTR and AIDAR but see no reference to this cost being allowable or reasonable. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  6. On a CPFF completion type of a contact is there any concern about holding positions to LOE? Do I as the contractor need to keep track of LOE and do I (contractor) need to state that number to USAID (assuming it is not specifically stated in the contract). If I receive approval from USAID and have stated LOE - Are we the contracrot - held to that amount of LOE in the approval given by USAID (even though it isn't a CPFF Term contract) - If we the contractor exceed the LOE, do we need to seek USAID approval and if so, do we get an allowable overage percentage ?
  7. Is there time limitation for HHE shipment to be shipped out of the country after demobilization? How long after demobilization can one ship out his/her belongings? I was not able to find the applicable FAM or ADS for the timing for which a pack-out needs to occur, I am aware of 14 FAM 626 Temporary storage and 14 FAM 626.1 Periods of Temporary Storage which quote 90 day period on storage. Should I just follow the same 90 day period as stated in 14 FAM for storage?
  8. Does someone have experience with approving Bank charges as an allowable cost under FAR 31.201-2 I have been asked to approves such charges for some STTA and LTTA personal and was wondering if this is an allowable cost and if so how would you justify this? I have not found any direct reference in FAR 31.201-2. The personal traveling overseas incur bank charges when they withdraw cash or use their credit cards to pay a hotel bill. These charges usually amount to around $50 total. The cost are basically work-related.