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  1. Thanks Retreadfed. I'm more interested with the governments authority to do this after receipt of proposals, not their reasoning for why. We already know why through industry intel. But is the government allowed to make these critical acquisition strategy changes After RFP release and receipt of proposals? Thanks for contributing.
  2. Good morning. We submitted a proposal for an RFP about 1 year ago. Within the last 2 weeks the government came back with changes/amendments. The RFP was originally designated as WOSB Set-Aside. With the most recent amendment, they changed this from WOSB to EDWOSB. I'm searching for protests that involve the government changing their acquisition strategy, like changing the small business set-aside, after they've evaluated the proposals. Has anyone encountered this? I've seen the government cancel an RFP and then re-release. But this seems like shenanigans. I would appreciate your thoughts and experience. We are discussing with counsel to see if this protest would be successful. Thank you.
  3. Vern, I appreciate your insight and guidance. Thank you and have a nice weekend Jill
  4. Vern, Both; I don't believe they are not suited for each other. However I started my research going down the PWS element first. If they were going to retain the current PWS, then I would suggest a T&M would be more appropriate. With the FFP CLIN and the MACK truck that could drive through this PWS, there is a high level of uncertainty that would drive up my FFP price. I understand that there is risk associated with all work, yet FFP is best when risk is minimal or can be predicted with an acceptable degree of certainty. Thank you for your time.
  5. Good morning. My scenario: The government agency has released a FFP/LH/CR type solicitation. I don't feel the contract type is reflective of the PWS, and doesn't adequately/evenly address the PWS risk. I've been researching preaward protests that involve FAR Part 11 and agencies adequately describing their needs. However, I haven't found one that's tied to contract type. Or, am I missing the boat on the proper section to reference? I'm hoping that someone can point me in a better direction than the one I'm headed now. Thanks in advanced. Jill
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