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    DCMA interview

    Folks, I am interviewing soon with DCMA for a GS 1102-09 target GS 1102-11 position as a Contract Administrator. There will be 10 questions. Can anyone provide me an idea of what to expect? Many thanks!
  2. jeff4757

    DCMA interview

    Thank youu to all!! This was very helpful.
  3. jeff4757

    DCMA interview

    Folks, If you were posed the following question, how would you reply? "Which Part of the FAR do you prefer working out of- 8, 13, or 15? And why? Appreciate any feedback!
  4. Hello all, Our Government customer is requesting subcontractor quotes for a FFP proposal. The whole prime contract is FFP. Isn't there a FAR clause that prohibits the Government from requesting this detail where the Government should be performing Price Analysis? Your feedback is appreciated!
  5. Folks- What is the best way to determine whether a DoD contract is exempt from CAS? Any feedback appreciated. Thank you!
  6. jeff4757


    Folks, What determines whether a CPSR is required for a firm? Is it a dollar threshold? Any feedback appreciated. Thank you!
  7. The Government has issued our company an RFP for Services. In the RFP, the CLIN for travel and MATERIALS is stated as NON-FEE Bearing. Our firm does not include Fee on travel and freight charges. Our firm's position on materials is that FEE on materials is appropriate. Do we simply take exception to their request on the basis of operating principle or does the FAR allow Fee to be applied appropriately? Any feedback to this situation is appreciated! Many thanks!
  8. Thanks, Vern! How about FAR 52.232-7 as a commercial item?
  9. I forgot to mention our product is a commercial item per FAR 2.101.
  10. To retreadfed- Thank you! The services contract is made up of a combination of FFP and CPFF Clins with an ODC Clin priced as "1 Lot"
  11. Guys, Many thanks! Very insightful and a huge help to outline to management! Again thank you!
  12. Folks- Does FAR 52.225-13 prohibit our company from ANY foreign purchases? Clause (a) is throwing me off. Thanks for your input.
  13. jeff4757

    Government review of payroll records

    Thanks to you both! Much appreciate the feedback!
  14. Folks- Our Government customer has requested a review of payroll records to justify our rates utilized under a change-order. We are a manufacturer and not under any rate certification as required under Davis-Bacon. (construction).req Our rates are audited by DCAA (both direct and indirect) and we have the approval letters from them. Does the FAR require us to provide actual payroll records or do we simply refer them to the appropriate DCAA office? Any feedback appreciated!
  15. Folks- Can someone help me with the FAR clause that protects against material market price fluctuations in Cost contracts? Many thanks!
  16. Folks- Our firm has a fully executed End-User License Agreement in-place with the Government. A mod to the SOW requests the Government wishes to have full IP rights to the HW and SW. What would the best response be back to the Government? Many thanks!
  17. Folks- Can anyone point me to a source to obtain a solid subcontractor RFP template for engineering services and production? Any help appreciated. Thank you!
  18. Folks- In a recently awarded contract to our firm, there are clauses incorporated by reference beginning with 5252. As it is not a DFAR (252) or FAR provision, can someone tell me the source of that clause numbering? Many thanks!
  19. jeff4757

    Mandatory Flowdowns

    Folks- Can someone educate me re: mandatory flowdowns to subs for Commercial items? I realize FAR 52.244-6 lists required flowdowns. However, I understand dollar thresholds exist based on the subcontract value. Where can I find that list? Many thanks for your input!
  20. Folks, We are performing as a subcontractor under a Prime contract. I.A.W. DFAR 252.227-7017, we wish to assert rights to software developed entirely at private expense. Do we complete the Assertion table and substitute "subcontractor" for "Contractor?" Appreciate any feedback.
  21. jeff4757

    Data Rights Assertions

    Thank you, sir! Extremely helpful!
  22. jeff4757

    Data Rights Assertions

    THANK YOU, sir! Much appreciated!